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Executive Producers
Chris Kelly and Bill O'Keeffe
Hooman Khalili and Pat Gilles
Associate Producer
Daniel Brusilovsky and Lale Welsh
Behind the Scenes footage
Mike Jacobson
Tess M Powell Gena Rowlands
Horace Powell John Scurti
Cyrus Chris Maher
Olive Ruby Alexander
Chloe (Hardware store cashier) Ally Johnson
Nadia Florentina Mocanu
Juice Out Guy Hooman Khalili
Girl on TV Zem Joaquin
Motor Cycle Driver Brian Kehoe
Tough Guy #1 Nick Childress
Tough Guy #2 D. Kevin Kelly
Tough Guy #3 Ricky Saenz
Shoe Sales Girl Randi Zuckerberg
Athletic Woman Jaquelynn Herrera
Athletic Man Chris Riedell
Bank Teller Calum Grant
Doctor Dennis Leonard
Cashier at Pet Store Diane Amos
Customer at Pet store Uzette Salazar
Customer at Hardware Store Stephanie Wenger
Man in Bank Line Bill O'Keeffe
Bank Manager Chris Kelly
Bank Teller #2 Marcus Osborne
Voices in Radio Sarah Clark and Vinnie Hasson

Olive is the very first full length feature film shot 100% on a cell phone. A 35 mm lens adapter was fabricated to fit the smart phone in order to achieve a shallow depth of field.

The film simply put is about a little girl that transforms the lives of three people without speaking one word.

The movie stars two time Academy Award nominated actress Gena Rowlands (The Notebook, A Woman Under the Influence). The sound design was done by Skywalker Sound.

The financing of Olive was done independently of any corporation. The goal now is to be the first film to not only be shot on a cell phone, but to also be the first independently financed feature film on 2,000+ theaters across the United States without the backing of a major studio.

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Photography by Golnaz Shahmirzadi